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Electric & Natural Gas

The ORS represents the public interest regarding the regulation of investor-owned electric and natural gas utilities in South Carolina.

Energy Saving Tips

Electric and Natural Gas

Quick Facts about Natural Gas
Did you know ...

  • Natural gas is colorless, non-toxic, and has an odorant added.
  • The flammable range of natural gas in air is from about 4.5% to 14.5%.
  • The natural gas we use contains about 92% methane, which is very similar to gas that is produced from old landfill sites.
  • The ignition point of natural gas is 1100 to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, which is higher than a lighted cigarette but lower than an arc from static electricity.
  • Natural gas is lighter than air; therefore, it will rise to the uppermost area possible.
  • Natural gas escaping to the atmosphere will dissipate and present no danger if allowed to vent freely.

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